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23th April  2024

Central House of Technology
50 Krucza Street


Michał Niewiadomski
Energy Club


The decarbonization of the country’s electric power industry will take place in earnest once nuclear power plants come online. Despite the rapid growth of RES capacity and the prospect of a 50% share of renewables in the energy mix by 2030, a stable source is needed at the base of the system.

During the fourth edition of NUCLEARCONFERENCE.PL, we will discuss the place of nuclear power in the National Energy Policy to 2040 – both large-scale and SMR. In a special report to be presented at the conference, we will present financial models for nuclear power, and we will also look at the possibility of using atomic energy to produce renewable hydrogen. During discussion sessions, we will address the issues of building local content as well as educating the public about nuclear power.


1. Executive Summary (10 key findings of the study)
2. Introduction
(a) Analysis of nuclear power potential in Poland
3. prospects for financing nuclear power in Poland
a) summary of financing models in the U.S., France, Czech Republic, Finland
b) examples of selected investments
4. modeling the impact of nuclear power on wholesale electricity prices in Poland in 2023
a) determination of the impact of x GW of big nuclear
b) determination of the impact of x GW of SMR
(c) determination of the impact of x PV and LEW
5. analysis of the results of the modeled energy mixes
a) Comparing the impact of the Nuclear vs Atomic mix, presenting the key differences and determining the impact on the
individual segments of the system.
6 Summary.


Conference date

23 April 2024 h. 9:30 am

Conference adress

Central House of Technology
50 Krucza Street



Michał Niewiadomski
Energy Club
Phone: +48 502 372 373

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